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PhD Alumni

Rachel Allen
Thesis: Conditions Influencing Sediment Transport in Coastal Environments (PhD 2018)

Seungjin Baek
Thesis: The Role of Atmospheric Forcing in Determining Transport in a Shallow Tidal Lagoon (PhD 2006)

Jingyi Bao
(PhD 2018)

Gabrielle Boisrame
Thesis: Wildfire Effects on the Ecohydrology of a Sierra Nevada Watershed (PhD 2016)

Margaret Byron
Thesis: The rotation and translation of non-spherical particles in homogeneous isotropic turbulence (PhD 2015)

Michaella Chung
Thesis: Field Methods for Collection of Spatially Distributed, Hydrologic Watershed Data (PhD 2018)

Audric Collignon
Thesis: Intratidal Transport and Mixing Processes at the Shoal-Channel Interface in a Partially-Stratified Estuary (PhD 2013)

Alex Connolly
Thesis: Large-eddy simulation of complex terrain effects on atmospheric boundary-layer turbulence and stable flow phenomena (PhD 2020)

Mary Cousins
Thesis: Hydrodynamics and water quality in Rodeo Lagoon, a hypereutrophic coastal lagoon (PhD 2010)

Octavia Crompton
Thesis: Who's afraid of the Saint Venant Equations? (Everyone, so I replaced it with Machine Learning) (PhD 2018)

Megan Daniels
Thesis: Soil Moisture in complex terrain: quantifying the effects on atmospheric boundary layer flowand providing improved surface boundary conditions for mesoscale models (PhD 2010)

David Dralle
Thesis: How much water will we have by the end of summer? Progress and pitfalls along the path to prediction (PhD 2016)

Lilian Engel
Thesis: Into the Plankter-Verse: Physical-Biological Interactions in Estuaries (PhD 2023)

Madeline Foster-Martinez
Thesis: Marsh Dynamics: Laboratory and Field Investigations of Gas Transport, Wave Attenuation, and Biosolids Amendment (PhD 2017)

Jon Fram
Thesis: Exchange at the estuary-ocean interface: Fluxes through the Golden Gate Channel (PhD 2005)

Steve Gladding
Thesis: Quantification of sediment bed – water column exchange processes in the South San Francisco Bay estuary (PhD 2011)

Eli Goodfriend
(PhD 2014)

Olivia Yip (Hoang)
Thesis: Tidal and Seasonal Observations of Stratification and Water Temperature in Lower South San Francisco Bay (PhD 2019)

Rusty Holleman
Thesis: Dispersion and Tidal Dynamics of Channel-Shoal Estuaries (PhD 2013)

Kevin Hsu
Thesis: Hydrodynamic Exchange in Estuarine Perimeter Habitats (PhD 2013)

Kimberly Huynh
Thesis: Automated Measurements of Gas Exchange in Wetlands (PhD 2021)

Maureen Downing Kunz
Thesis: Physical Interactions Between Free-Floating Macrophytes and Environmental Flows (PhD 2011)

Rebecca Leonardson
Thesis: Exchange of fine sediment with gravel riverbeds (PhD 2010)

Morgan Levy
Thesis: Quantifying the Effects of Land Use Change on Hydrology in Brazil (PhD 2016)

Katherine Lundquist
Thesis: Immersed Boundary Methods for High Resolution Simulation of Atmospheric Boundary-Layer Flow Over Complex Terrain (PhD 2010)

Lissa MacVean
Thesis: Perimeter exchange, hydrodynamics and stratification in an estuary (PhD 2010)

Mikola Marjanovic
(PhD 2015)

Maureen Martin
Thesis: Chlorophyll and suspended sediment exchange between central San Francisco Bay and the coastal Pacific Ocean (PhD 2006)

Tessa Maurer
Thesis: Development of Novel Data Applications for Improving Precipitation-Runoff Modeling in Headwater Catchments (PhD 2020)

Marc Muller
Thesis: Bridging the Information Gap: Remote Sensing and Micro Hydropower Feasibility in Data-Scarce Regions (PhD 2015)

Theresa Oehmke
Thesis: Effects of Particle Shape and Fluid Shear on the Kinematics and Mass Transfer of large Particles in Turbulent Flow (PhD 2021)

Gopal Penny
Thesis: The Drying of the Arkavathy River: Understanding Hydrological Change in a Human-Dominated Watershed (PhD 2017)

Cristina Poindexter
Thesis: Wetland water flows and interfacial gas exchange (PhD 2014)

Kyle Pressel
Thesis: Water Vapor Variability Across Spatial Scales: Insights for Theory, Parameterization, and Model Assessment (PhD 2012)

Katya Rakhmatulina
Thesis: Quantifying Links Between Fire and Water cycles Across Time, Place, and Processes, in California's Seirra Nevada (PhD 2020)
David Ralston
Thesis: Hydrodynamics and scalar transport in subtidal channels through intertidal mudflats (PhD 2005)

Jehan Rihani
Thesis: Isolating the Effects of Water Table Dynamics, Terrain and Soil Moisture Heterogeneity on the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Using Coupled Models (PhD 2010)

Rudi Schuech
Thesis: Odorant Detection by Biological Chemosensor Arrays (PhD 2011)

Jason Simon
Thesis: Towards Grid-independent Dynamics in High-resolution Numerical Weather Prediction Models (PhD 2019)

Stefan Talke
Thesis: An investigation on the hydrodynamics and sediment dynamics on an intertidal mudflat in Central San Francisco Bay (PhD 2005)

Diane Taylor
(PhD 2017)

Ian Tse
(PhD 2015)

Alan Vaz Lopes
Thesis: Analysis of Hydrologic Droughts in the Amazon Basin (PhD 2015)

Wayne Wagner
Thesis: Temperature and Tidal Dynamics in a Branching Estuarine System (PhD 2012)

Liya Weldegebriel
Thesis: Reversing land degradation in the Ethiopian Highlands (PhD 2021)

David Wiersema
Thesis: Mesoscale to Microscale Atmospheric Modeling Over Complex Terrain (PhD 2020)

Jeannie Wilkening
Thesis: Seeing the trees for the forest: Exploring the interdependence of environmental and physiology in driving ecohydrological dynamics (PhD 2022)

Megan Williams
Thesis: Hydrodynamics and Salt Dispersion in Intermittently Closed Bar-Built Estuaries (PhD 2014)

Susan Willis

Lukas WinklerPrins
Thesis: How A Marsh Falls Apart (PhD 2023)

Minghui Zhang
Thesis: Monitoring agricultural behavior under climate change with cloud computing and satellite imagery (PhD 2020)

Bowen Zhou
Thesis: Large-eddy Simulation of the Nighttime Stable Atmospheric Boundary Layer (PhD 2013)

PostDoc Alumni

Bobby Arthur 2015-2017

Gabriele Bellani 2011-2013

Ankur Bordoloi 2015-2016, 2018-2019

Andreas Brand

Matt Brennan

Bicheng Chen 2020-2021

Mike Dvorak

Xue Feng 2015-2017

Ruth Lambert

Rachel Pepper

Nimish Pujara 2015-2018

Matt Reidenbach 2004-2007

Xiaoming Shi 2015-2018

Jian Zhou 2018-2020